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Friday, November 19, 2004

Idiotic Republican Website of the Day - 11-19-04

American Family Association - AgapePress news

This website claims that the movie "A Shark's Tale" promotes acceptance of gays. Hmmmmm, interesting... or IDIOTIC. I guess the shark not wanting to eat things (like sharks normally do) must have been a metaphor for gays not wanting to have sex with women (like men normally do). And they are trying to program out kids to accept gays! How can ppl actually think this stuff?

The funniest part of it as far as I'm concerned is that they site the on-line
satirical journal The Onion. Its satire, a joke, not true. It would be like quoting SNL on the fact that Janet Reno kept kids locked up in her basement for a dance party.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a republican and can not respond to comments about these idiotic website links


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