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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Yahoo! News - Bush Taps Gonzales for Attorney General

Yahoo! News - Bush Taps Gonzales for Attorney General

So, Bush picks Alberto Gonzales to replace Ashcroft as Attorney General.
First off I have to take a quick minute to remember Ashcroft and his amazing rendition of "Let the Eagles Soar".
Next we have to be happy that Ashcroft's rather conservative views are out of the administration. I mean the man did cover up lady justice statue b/c she was partially nude.
He also was the main idea man behind the patriot act, which allows the gov't to look at ppl's library records
and insane things like that, all in the name of patriotism of course.

Now the bad news. The new attorney general will be Alberto Gonzales, who isn't exactly as conservative as Ashcroft. But... he's not far from him either. Gonzales said that the geneva convention's provisions were "quaint."


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