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Friday, November 12, 2004

Idiotic Republican Comment of the Day - 11-12-04

Pubic education is nothing but a cesspool for leftist indoctrination.
Remember when the communist took over Cuba and then Nicaragua? The first thing they did was take the schools.
It takes a relative short time to convert young kids from age 5 to 15 into perfect little Marxist.
- User AlexX from Republican blog

Not only did this guy make an ignorant statement about the public school system, which maintains some sense of education to the poor and ignorant, but he called it Pubic education.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a republican and can not respond to comments about these idiotic statements

Frist Says Filibusters of Bush Nominees Must End

Politics News Article | Reuters.com

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist warned Democrats to not use filibusters to stall appointment of Bush's court nominees in the new term.

For those that don't know the definition of filibuster is The use of obstructionist tactics, especially prolonged speechmaking, for the purpose of delaying legislative action. So basically the Democrats would make long speeches just to hope the Republicans would give up on appointing their nominee.

Although Frist made it sound like the democrats used this tactic often in the first four years they have appointed 200 of Bush's judicial nominees without using filibusters. They retain the right to use them on what they call "right-wing extremists."

Bush Could Use Political Capital on Immigration

US News Article | Reuters.com

Bush is pushing his proposal to allow 8 million to 10 million illegal immigrants gain legal work visas for a period of around 6 years or more. The more conservative republicans however do not agree with this reform because it could cause overpopulation and rewards illegal immigration.

This could be political suicide for Bush, namely because it brings up a point even in a post 9-11 world he has not been able to secure our borders to illegal immigrants or terrorists.

Fallujah Update

Aid organization Red Crescent has said that
Falluja a 'Big Disaster,' Aid Needed. In the city there has been no water or electricity since beforethe buildup of the offensive. Grocery stores have been closed as well. Once again the US military and the Iraqi residents have disputed over whether many civilian casualties or deaths have occured.

On a more positive note about Fallujah, U.S. Forces Say Last Fallujah Rebel Bastion to Fall. Apparently the military will take the last pocket of insurgents in Fallujah some time tonight and secure the city.
Captain Robert Bodisch, a tank company commander, said "There are lots of insurgents. My tank was attacked three times. But I would say the south is the last place we are still moving to control."

Updates will follow

Thursday, November 11, 2004

U.S. Launches Second Phase in Fallujah

Yahoo! News - U.S. Launches Second Phase in Fallujah

The assault on Fallujah continued today and apparently we have 75% of the city secure. However there are rumors that some of them have escaped to other cities and towns. Still no Zarqawi captured by any news article I've read.

Through the 4th day there have been 18 American deaths and 178 wounded American soldiers in Fallujah.

...Happy Veterans Day...

Arafat Successors Picked; Questions Remain

Yahoo! News - Arafat Successors Picked; Questions Remain

Of course by now everyone knows that Arafat has died. I was sure that he was eventually going to pop up out of the hospital bed and be displayed just like that Weekend At Bernie's movie. But, it seems that there will not be a mandate on Abbas, who was the Palestinian Prime Minister for a while and will also be taking over for Arafat now.

Arafat had stolen money from his people for years and i'm happy to see the palestinian people as a whole move on past his tenure.

Idiotic Republican Comment of the Day

"I hate fags and sandniggers and other traitors to GOD's law. George W. Bush is the tool of Lord Jesus and America is GOD's kingdom on earth. Now we have 4 more years to kill Satan's people. Thank you! "

DISCLAIMER: I am not a republican and can not respond to comments about these idiotic statements.

Kerry Campaign lawyers FINALLY checking Ohio vote

Kerry campaign lawyers checking Ohio vote

"Lawyers with John Kerry's presidential campaign are in Ohio on what they describe as a "fact-finding mission" following the Democrat's election loss to President Bush last week."

So Kerry is finally following through with his promise to make sure all the votes are counted. It is about time. Kerry's lawyer, Dan Hoffheimer says, "We're not expecting to change the outcome of the election." That is fine with me. I just want to make sure when I clicked on Kerry while using an ES & S voting machine that it counted.

Secretary of State of Ohio changes provisional ballot rules after election?

According to The Free Press -- Independent News Media - Bob Fitrakis A new law was enacted on November 9th at 2:30. The new ruling in Cuyahoga County mandates that provisional ballots in yellow packets must be “Rejected” if there is no “date of birth” on the packet. This seems very wrong to me. A new law that is made after the election can have power over the election? The original rules were NOT that the voter had to place their date of birth on the provisional ballots. now they are saying they do. Article II, section 1 of the Constitution requires that the rules for counting ballots for Presidential electors must be determined by the state’s legislature before the election is held. If Blackwell’s clarification was considered a change in the rules not authorized by the Ohio legislature, one or the other side could argue that he acted in violation of Article II, section 1.

E-Mail Ken Blackwell About this Atrocity

Yahoo! News - Bush Taps Gonzales for Attorney General

Yahoo! News - Bush Taps Gonzales for Attorney General

So, Bush picks Alberto Gonzales to replace Ashcroft as Attorney General.
First off I have to take a quick minute to remember Ashcroft and his amazing rendition of "Let the Eagles Soar".
Next we have to be happy that Ashcroft's rather conservative views are out of the administration. I mean the man did cover up lady justice statue b/c she was partially nude.
He also was the main idea man behind the patriot act, which allows the gov't to look at ppl's library records
and insane things like that, all in the name of patriotism of course.

Now the bad news. The new attorney general will be Alberto Gonzales, who isn't exactly as conservative as Ashcroft. But... he's not far from him either. Gonzales said that the geneva convention's provisions were "quaint."


Please goto


And donate some money for their efforts to ensure we had a fair election. Also read up on how Diebold uses regular MS-windows PCs with ACCESS databases to tabulate the votes.

We need to have fair elections, no matter what the outcome.