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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Powell: U.S. Rejects Ukraine Vote Results

Yahoo! News - Powell: U.S. Rejects Ukraine Vote Results

Hmmmmm. So let me understand this.

Scenario 1: Exit polls in US differ highly from real results in many states. No fraud whatsoever was commited.

Scenario 2: Exit polls in Ukraine differ highly from real results. Powell challenges leaders of the former Soviet bloc nation "to decide whether they are on the side of democracy or not."

Idiotic Republican Comment of the Day - 11-24-04

Guess I'll commemorate MLK by acting like him: First, I'll go score some crack and a few 40's of Rainier Ale and maybe some marijuana then I'll hire a couple of hookers and steal some speeches for old dead White guys. Yup! That outta do it!

Posted by EUPHORIC from republican website

I don't think I need to explain how idiotic of a comment this is. Nuff Said.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a republican and can not respond to comments about these idiotic comments.