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Friday, February 04, 2005

Attack on Iran 'Not on Agenda,' Rice Says

Rice Vows to Strengthen European Alliance


Bomb-grade Uranium traces found in Iran for civilian and military use...not on agenda.
Abysmal Iranian human-rights record...not on agenda.
Stopping terrorism at its source before it reaches the United States...not on agenda.

What is on our agenda?

1. Pre-emptively sending US troops into Iraq to find supposed WMD.
2. No WMD found? Okay then, we owe it to the Iraqi people to free them from their captivity under an "abysmal", terroristic government.

Maybe the US is waiting to see if our work in Iraq will influence the Iranian government to become a democracy...maybe the confirmation (provided by the International Atomic Energy Agency) of Uranium enrichment programs for the Iranian military that exists doesn't scare us...maybe all this "war on terrorism" stuff really isn't all that serious...

...or maybe we just don't have the man power to head into Iran and stop terrorism at its source because we wasted our troops in Iraq. US undersecretary for arms control John Bolton called "destroying the network through sanctions and other steps 'a priority objective for the United States' ". Do we really believe that sanctions are going to keep a country (who had a "massive deception and denial campaign aimed at preventing international inspectors from uncovering the country's 'robust' biological, chemical and nuclear weapons programmes") from using WHAT THEY ALREADY HAVE on other countries? And furthermore, if the United States is so concerned with the well-being of humankind, why would we not "save" the Iranian citizens as we "saved" the Iraquis?

So now we are faced with a real problem with no resources to solve it. It looks as if the Bush administration might learn a lesson in resource management and agenda planning this time around...in fact, this could actually make for a great episode of The Apprentice...


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