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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Sunnis Question Iraq Election Legitimacy

Yahoo News Link

Sunni Muslim clerics in Iraq are questioning the elections legitimacy because most Sunnis did not vote this past weekend. The clerics had asked the Sunnis not to vote because the places were Sunnis live are the most violent insurgent strongholds. In these areas the insurgents had threatened to kill anyone who had voted.

Because of the lack of Sunni prescence at the polls it seems almost certain that the Shiites showed up big on the ticket. Al-Hakim, a Shiite cleric with close ties to Iran, said representatives of all Iraqi groups should participate in writing the new constitution.

Iran???? Sounds great to me. Lets hope it turns out EXACTLY like Iran, then we have to go in and fix their "Democracy" in 10-15 more years.


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