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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Yahoo! News - Iranian TV Reports Explosion Near Deylam

Yahoo! News - Iranian TV Reports Explosion Near Deylam

(Photo by Reuters Graphic)
State run Iranian TV has reported this morning that there was a missile explosion near Deylam, which is in the vicinity of a nuclear power plant. An Iranian official has come out saying that the explosion was caused by friendly fire and not a direct attack from another country. Both US and Israel has been denying that they had any involvement in the explosion.

One claim is that an Iranian plane flew over the city of Deylam, which is 110 miles away from the nuclear facility, and its fuel tank fell off. Iranian spokesman Jahanbakhsh Khanjani said, "An airplane flew over Deylam today. Minutes later, there was an explosion. " "But we have no reason to say it's a hostile attack. There is a big possibility that it was a friendly fire by mistake. Several such mistaken friendly fire incidents have been reported there in recent days."

So, is there really no chance that this is an attack by US or Israel forces? Let's take a look at the meaningful questions:

1. Would either US or Israel send a strike with only one missile and one plane?
2. If they did would it just be a warning shot to Iran to let them know we mean business?
3. If this was not a strike what are the chances that it was an Israel or American spy plane that was fired upon and returned fire?
4. If it was a spy plane why did we not use unmanned drones to spy on them(as reported in the past few days)?
5. Let's assume that it was an attack, why would the Iranians deny hostile attacks?

I will be updating this story as it progresses.


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