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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Yahoo! News - Syria and Iran Say Will Build 'Common Front'

Yahoo! News - Syria and Iran Say Will Build 'Common Front'

(Raheb Homavandi/Reuters)

The following is the story I was going to start the day with before the whole Iran Missile scare thing. It also deals with Iran:

Iran and Syria have come out and said they will build a common front to face threats from other nations, including the United States. The representatives wanted to confirm that they are not building a front to directly take on the US and they will continue with negotiations with the country. Washington has recently removed its ambassador to Syria because of America's intent to blame Syria with the killing of the Lebanese former Prime Minister.

Speaking on Iran, President Bush has said it is, "the world's primary state sponsor of terror." Bush is also trying to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

This alliance that Iran has forged with Syria is definitely akin to the alliances struck in the buildup to World War II. Let's hope that the similarities do not continue.


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