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Friday, June 10, 2005

Patriot Act II - Opinion/Editorial

Informative Links:

Yahoo News - Bush Presses Congress

ACLU - Reform the Patriot Act

Webster's defines patriot as "one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests". Maybe I read into things too much, but last time I checked, our country isn't named Bush. Granted, he's our "fearless leader" for the next three years, but he doesn't define who we are as a nation. Don't be mistaken by the name of this Act. America was founded on the concepts of emancipation and independence . You are a patriot if,

  • a: you love this country that is supposed to allow you to think for yourself

  • b: you support its authority by being a law-abiding citizen (i.e., don't do anything stupid like blowing up federal buildings)

  • c: if you support its interests by electing authoritative figures who fight to keep those very concepts on which America was born.

The patriot act can be an effective tool...as long as it does not compromise the inherent freedoms we possess as American citizens.

Don't get me wrong...the attacks made on the U.S. were terrible. And yes, the individuals who both implemented and supported these attacks should pay the consequences. But did anyone ever question why almost four years have passed, and the main perpetrator of the attacks has not been found? What kind of action is being done to prevent bin Laden and his posse from not taking their cause further? Ask yourself why it's alright for the government to spend countless hours searching library records of some 7,000 Joe Schmos who, to our knowledge, have no accounted connection to terrorist activity. Hell, the average Mr. Schmo isn't even told why he's being investigated. Are we really living in world where our children are afraid to research for a school paper on Muslims or where we can't write an e-mail to our friend discussing disagreement on the government's course of action without fear of being investigated? This is not freedom, my friends. This is bondage to conformity.


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