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Friday, June 10, 2005

Poll: Bush's Job Approval Dips to New Low

Click the title to view the article that goes along with these polls.


This first graph shows the presidents approval rating in blue. As you can see since Jan. 5th, his rating has been below 50% and is currently at 47%.


This graph shows the presidents ratings on specific issues. As you can see all categories are below 50%. Astonishingly according to the American Public his best issue is "Handling Foreign Policy." You got to be kidding me right? The president's worst issue, according to the poll, is "Handling Domestic Issues."


This last graph shows the consumer attitudes and political measures of the nation. It shows that only 36% of the people polled believe that the nation is going in the right direction. That 36% is the lowest point on the graph that covers all the way back to the end of '02.

Here's a question I thought of while looking at this data:

Since only 36% of the people in this country believe we're going in the right direction, if we had an election today would 64% of people show up to vote?


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